Winter Warmer

Happy Solstice, People!

A week from today I will be heading south.
All the way south.

To the bottom of the world.

To get on this ship.

Ponant’s Le Lyrial.

To see these guys.

My London gal pal (and fellow Brown alum) invited me to go on this epic adventure.

Alla is used to them.
Here she is somewhere in Ecuador.

And cruising the equator.

During a trip to the Galapagos last month.

So in anticipation of Antarctica, I have grown this.

I think it all started in Milwaukee.
In the 1980s.

Because Wisconsin is cold.

And Vermont, where I spent the 1990s, is even colder.

Over the years, the color has changed.


But the warmth remains the same.

It’s not just about growing hair on your face.
It’s more about keeping the layers of skin on.
That your razor takes away.

When do I start the beard?
That’s easy.

The first time I see skating.
On the Boston Common Frog Pond.

And I keep it until the spring.

Alla and I will kick off the vacay with a week in Buenos Aires.
Where it will be summer.

They are having some sort of party there.

Which will be going on for some time.

Then it’s down – way down – to Antarctica for two weeks.

I have been to every other continent.
To see the birds there.

I thought nothing could be more exciting than the Birds of Paradise.
In Papua, Indonesia, in February 2020.

But I might be wrong.





And more penguins!

Stay tuned.

How cold will it get?
Well, I bought a Boston Bruins hat.

Just in case.

I will be back in Boston one month from today.
If these guys do not abduct me.

Winter warmer?

The warmer the better.