Wild Things

Maine for the holidays.

Just what the Doctor ordered.

Lots of fabulous food and drink.

Including these beauties.

Courtesy of my mixologist, Greg Hanson.

My fave? Blueberry mint martinis.

We got messed up!

On Monday I will go back to a very busy Boston.


The Athenaeum.

I have selected this statue, and the related vista, as the subject for my talk.
As part of the exam I must take to become a docent.

Then I will be able to give tours of this wonderful place.

As usual, I have a lot of future fun to consider.
And nature always helps me with that task.

Walking and reflecting are now inseparable.

Linda and Greg leave for Florida on Tuesday.

For four months of sun and fun.

What a life!

It was great to spend time with them.
And get wild.

Now I must prepare mentally.
For the even wilder times to come.

And all the wild things I must do.

On every continent.

In the New Year.

Just give me the strength!