Welcome Home!

While I have been out chasing the birdies, Linda and Greg have been busy up North.

Mount Auburn update:
Today I tracked down two brand new species.

The bay-breasted warbler.

And the rare golden-winged warbler.

Just look at that face!

My sister and her husband now live in Oxford, Maine.
Here’s the new pad.

It’s just half an hour from where they lived in 2008.
In a beautiful place on Panther Pond.

My mother really dug Greg’s chopper!

After many detours, and an extended stay in Florida, they are back in Maine for good.

(I should talk! I’m back in Boston after almost 50 years.
Via Washington DC, Providence, Milwaukee, Baton Rouge, Montpelier and London.)

And they have a really fabulous place!

Angel Girl is glad to be rid of that hot and humid Florida weather.

And with six acres of Maine woodland to run around in, she will meet lots of cute little furry friends to play with!

Greg just got his new shed.

Where he will no doubt hatch many interesting projects.

My sister absolutely loves her new Lair.
”I am never leaving!”

And Greg and I will soon be hitting the bourbon at the legendary Moose Bar.

Before I pass out in the Jimbo Suite.

I will be invading next month to check it out!

It looks like the perfect place for family holidays.
Christmas in Florida just doesn’t cut it!

Welcome home, Linda and Greg!
It’s good to have you back where you belong.