True Colors

So my drawing teacher gave me these.

Watercolor pencils.
For my birthday a while back.

Lucinda has always nurtured my creative side.

And after taking one of her drawing classes, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to draw some Venuses.


I find these curves to be a challenge.
(Like every other man on Earth).

After drawing Venuses for a year or so, I told Lucinda that watercolors sounded like fun.
So she got me the pencils.

In New England, fall has many colors.

So I figured I would try to get creative with the leaves.

My first attempt.

You draw with the pencils, then mix the colors with a waterbrush.

It’s actually kind of fun!

I find drawing to be a sort of meditation.

The time just flies by.

So which are the true colors?
The ones from nature?
Or the ones from art?

I will leave that question for the pedants.

I just enjoy making stuff.

Is this the Japanese maple?

Or is this?

I will keep playing with the pencils until I can use them well.
Then maybe I can try out watercolor paints.

I did have one other thought:
All the statues from antiquity were not white.

We now know that they were originally painted.

So I have lots of sketches.

That are just begging for some color.

Looks like I will begin my quest.
For the perfect pink.