The Maine Woods

Even on an island, you are never far away.
From the spruce and the fir.

The cool forest floor.

And the ferns.

Speaking of which, last evening we really strapped it on.
At the Fin and Fern.

In Downtown Stonington.

Don’t let the pint glasses deceive you.
They contained a potent potion called Storm Surge.

Groovalicious, Baybee!

I’d like to think we were worthy of Petronius.
Though we did not recline while dining.

This morning, as soon as I could walk, I went out.

To check out a new hiking spot:
Crockett Cove Nature Preserve.

About 100 acres of pure delight.

The Maine Woods are beautiful all year round.

And in any weather.

Today was sunny. 
Tomorrow may be rainy.

But this will be my go-to spot this week.

For calm reflection.
In the midst of nature.