The Joys Of Freedom

If I ever forget how fortunate I am.

Then please give me a big fat slap.

Twenty years in London.

Now how lucky is that?

I loved my time on the island.

And hope to get back there this summer.

When my lovely friends are finally free.

From the tedious captivity of fear.

But no matter how much fun I had there, I always knew it could never be home.

Because the people you have known all your life.

Are always the most important part of your life.

There were always two days in the year that I missed the most.
While I was in England.

One was Thanksgiving.

The other: The Fourth of July.
Which is today.

I tried to celebrate on the island.

But it was just not the same.
Let’s face it: Not a big party day for the Brits.

Now that I am back.

I am making up for lost time.

I have had fabulous fun in Maine.

With my patriotic sister.

Lots of great relaxation.

And many moments of total Zen.

There will be fireworks tonight.
All over New England.

Just to remind us.

Of the many, many joys of freedom.

God Bless America!