The Great Escape

When my sister high-tailed it out of Florida last spring to move to Maine, she said she was done with the Sunshine State.

It was all because of the three H’s: heat, humidity and hurricanes.

But the New England cold convinced her otherwise.

Now she is a snowbird.

That’s not a snowbird! That’s a bait thief!

Snowbirds are people who spend half the year up north to avoid the hot summer and half the year down south to make the great escape from the frigid winter.

Hey, I think it’s totally groovy that Linda and Greg are snowbirds.
Because I get to visit Maine in the summer.

And Florida in the winter.

When I got back to Boston earlier this month, the weather was wonderful.

And when Linda and Greg got to their new pad in Punta Gorda, it was warm and sunny.

I told them that it was snowing like a bastid in Boston.

They laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

I will fly down to visit them next month.
To see that they don’t go completely off the rails.

Because in Florida, every hour is Happy Hour.

Can’t wait to drink Mango Bangos: Linda’s fave!

Meanwhile in Boston, it’s been anything but summery.
It got down to 6F the other day.

It’s been so cold that I have resorted to extreme measures.

When I get down to Florida, Greg is going to take me fishing.

He obviously remembers my formidable skills.

But for now I am happy that my sister is exactly where she wants to be.
Watching her Pretty Boy, Tom Brady.

And I am exactly where I want to be.

In beautiful Boston.