The Daily Show

The Only News I know
Is Bulletins all Day

From Immortality.

The Only Shows I see—
Tomorrow and Today—

Perchance Eternity—

The Only One I meet
Is God— The Only Street—

Existence— This traversed

If Other News there be—
Or Admirabler Show—

I’ll tell it You—

The woman certainly has a point: 
Forget about what’s trending. 
And live your life.

So here’s my daily show.

Live from the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s oldest sanctuary.
Only around 20 miles from Boston.

We call it Moose Hill today.
But the landscape was around long before Pale Face arrived.

The Wampanoag must have called it something different.
You remember them: The tribe that greeted the Pilgrims when they came over to Plymouth Rock.

And got them through the winter. Big mistake.
(In retrospect, the Wampanoag could have done with a wiser immigration policy).

It’s amazing how tranquil and calming a walk can be in such a dynamic landscape.

The trails in New England are far more rugged than their English counterparts.
Partly because the climate is so violent.

Here’s a quiz for you Englanders (too easy for New Englanders!): Why does this fire hydrant have a metal rod that extends three feet above it? (Hint: climate).

Winter is fast approaching, but life goes on.

Someone’s been nibbling on this tree!

I didn’t see them, so the birds must still be traumatized.

The day after Thanksgiving.
And I am still grateful.

For a touch of Frost.

What a wonderful walk in the woods.

Thank you, Emily.