Thames Walk

Looks like a fine day for a stroll by the river.
Care to join me?

Carmen’s pad is in East London, west across the river from Canary Wharf.
So I planned a walk along the river going east to west.

But, as you can see from the diagram, you can find yourself going north or south too.

Here’s our first major port of call: Tower Bridge.

You can see the modern skyscraper called the Walkie-Talkie in the background.

It’s called the Tower Bridge.

Because it’s next to the Tower of London.

Where they used to execute traitors.
And stick their heads on Tower Bridge.



A bit further along is this joint.

We have tickets to see Romeo and Juliet on Sunday.

Then we come to the Millennium Bridge.
With a fine view of St Paul’s Cathedral.

And on the south bank of the river, the Tate Modern.

This view gives you an excellent idea of the modern London skyline, which combines the old with the new.

St Paul’s still stands proudly among the construction cranes.

Further west we go, until we come to the Eye, a major tourist attraction.

That’s Brenda in the middle.
Lord Cumberbund on the left.

The guy on the right?
I bet my American friends know Who.

This next place is for the birds.

The Houses of Parliament.

And Westminster Bridge.

This is my favorite bench for a brief rest.

Next we come to the US Embassy.

Which is built like a fortress.
For obvious reasons.

I crossed north over the river on Chelsea Bridge.

This guy didn’t want to go to Chelsea.

But I did.

You know, the angels wanna wear my blue shoes.

When I finally hit the King’s Road.

I was totally hip.

I even walked past the place where I got hitched!
About 20 years ago.

After that epic jaunt?
Boy, am I glad to be getting a pedi tomorrow.

With the lovely Rebecca.