Tam Thanh Ma, American

My Vietnamese student will soon be a US citizen.

Tam Thanh Ma passed his citizenship test one week ago at the JFK Federal Building in Boston.

His swearing-in ceremony takes place later this month.

It will be extremely emotional!

I met Tam at the end of July. My goal was to prepare him for his citizenship interview on August 23.

It was not easy for him; his speaking ability was very limited at first. To make matters worse, his wife got sick, and we had to postpone his test until October 3. 

On August 22, his wife died. That would have destroyed a lesser man, but Tam became even more resolute.

He will now become a US citizen. 

I am very proud of him. But not as proud as he is at overcoming such great adversity.

Uncle Sung, a good friend, is also very proud.

I took them out to the North End last week for some celebratory cannoli at the Modern.

The cannoli did not last long.

I think Uncle Sung has a sweet tooth!

Tam said that if he passed his citizenship test, he would take me to Vietnam.
To meet his family in Soc Trang City.

Which is at the southern end of the country.
Deep in the Mekong Delta.

There is even a place to check out the birdies!

The Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve.

I am totally hip to that, Baby!
Once Tam gets his US passport, we are off.

I can’t wait to go to Vietnam.
And taste all the flavors of that exotic country.

I am particularly excited about mingling with my fellow commie-pinkos, and getting this groovy T-shirt.

Which I will wear proudly when I get back to Capitalism Land.

I mean, how much fun can people have?
I think we are about to find that out.