Super Bowl Snow

Tom Brady has played in 10 Super Bowls.

I watched the first nine across the pond.
In the middle of the night.

It was very stressful.

So it was a great delight to watch Number 10 in New England.
With a dear friend.

But first I had to get from the Back Bay to my old home town.

And, as they say around here: It was snowing like a BASTID!

Even George was feeling it.

Good to know that some Bostonians still love Brady.

The atmosphere was wonderful.

I could barely make out the Snake House!

But I had to get over to the North End.
To snag a few of these.

Then take the Orange Line to Oak Grove.

And walk the rest of the way.

It was very beautiful.


So I stopped by our old house.
To get some photos for my sister.

Who lives near Tampa.
Likes Mango Bangos.
And is a HUGE Brady fan.

Then I made my way over to Bob’s house.

To catch the game.

Can’t wait to get back to Fenway later this year!

But first, the Super Bowl!

The best thing about this Super Bowl Sunday?

The snow was fabulous.

Watching the action with Bobby was a real treat.

Not having to go to work a few hours after the game?

Even though I did have my usual Monday morning meeting.
With this New Englander.

I didn’t ask him if he is still a Brady fan.