Sun And Fun

When I left my Marlborough Street Lair on Friday, it was 26 degrees.
(None of that candyass Centigrade stuff, please!)

And snowing pretty good. It was lovely!

When I got to Miami, it was 86. And typically steamy.

Of course, I was able to adapt.
To the sun. And the fun.

Hitting the sand at Sunny Isles Beach was quite relaxing.

I was able to root out those hidden pockets of stress.

And the water was the perfect temperature: around 70.

The café Cubano was also quite helpful.
As was the Cuban, Mexican, Haitian and Peruvian cuisine.

Checking out the Wynwood Walls neighborhood was totally groovy.

Look at that art!

And those shoes!

A trip to the Everglades is always a treat.

We saw some splendid nature.

And this big guy.

The vulgar Miami skyline.

Is a monument to excess.

And reminded me of the icons of Easter Island.

After our civilization sinks beneath the waves.

What will archaeologists from another galaxy.

Make of what we have left behind?

I think I have achieved the proper level of tan.
It will soon be time to go back to Boston.
And show it off.

I want to thank my beautiful London bestie.

For some fabulous sun and fun.

It’s just what the Doctor ordered!