Spring Training

Bobby and I have a rendezvous with destiny.
It looks like this.

Mount Monadnock, in southern New Hampshire.
Which we have vowed to climb in the fall.

Even more daunting, our high school classmate Sharon is climbing with us. (My right hand is on her shoulder).

She’s been up to the summit many times.
And this time she’s got brand new equipment.

Let’s just say she’s totally hip!

So Bob suggested we get in some training on this fine spring day.
We headed to the Lynn Woods Reservation, not far from his place in Melrose.

I had never been there, and I’m glad he suggested it.
The last time we went out hiking, it was a bit chillier.

We walked some great trails today.

And found a tower.

You could even see the big city.

Even better, we checked out some bird action!
We spotted a pair of palm warblers in a swampy area.

The tail bobbing was a dead giveaway.

Talk about exciting!
Before we could move on, Bob had to take several deep breaths.

At this rate, we should be totally in shape by the time we tackle Monadnock.

Look out, Sharon. Here we come!