Spring Training

March isn’t much of a month.
At least around here.

In Boston, you get lots of rain.
And lots of mud.

No birds. No flowers.

In Merry Old England, at this time of year?

Spring is


Well underway.

So this year I decided to get a jump on spring.

By going south.

Way south.

To Costa Rica.

Why there?

Well, it is a very beautiful country.

That has volcanoes.


And mountain lakes.

The cloud forest is stunning.

But I went mainly for the birds.
Which is no surprise to anyone who knows me.

I have always wanted to see toucans.

And not on a cereal box.

Or on the Idiot Box.

And I certainly saw lots!

In the wild.

For real.

They are such jovial creatures.

But mainly I came for the warblers.

Which I wait for patiently every spring in New England.
(As devotees of this blog know all too well).

Until they come to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

From the middle of April until the end of May.

Until they fly to Canada.

To make more warblers.

Before heading back south.
Way south.

I recently learned that warblers spend the winter in Costa Rica.
Before heading back north in the spring.

Well, I am very happy to report that I saw more warblers down there.
Than I ever did at Mount Auburn!

I saw this guy all over the place.

The incredibly cute Chestnut-sided Warbler!

I even saw some warblers that live in Costa Rica year round.
Like this adorable Collared Redstart.

I would have gone all the way down there just to see him!

I saw so many other species.

Such as the fabulous tanagers!

And the honeycreepers!

(How the hell am I going to draw those colors?
I don’t even know what they are!)

For now, I will wait calmly until next month.
When the first warblers appear.

They will be yellow-rumped warblers:
Always the first to arrive.

And I will greet them with the following question:
”What took you guys so long?”