Spring Into Summer

We last left this Lovely six months ago.
When she was preparing for her winter sleep.

Now she is bursting forth.
With all the wonders of the May.

I went back to the Arnold Arboretum today.
Where spring is in full surge.

I can show you what it looks like.

But oh, the smells! 
The jasmine has always been my fave.

My substantial schnozz was exceedingly busy.

My cousin Yvonne wanted me to check out the peonies.

Job done!
Looks like they will keep on coming.

So many wonderful plants that you might be surprised to see in this New England climate.

I believe these are Japanese snowballs.

And this is stunning!
This guy sure thought so.

There is only one other place I know that has such a profusion of exotic flowers and trees: London’s Kew Gardens.

Which I hope to visit again in the next few months.

This Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the vacation season on this side of the pond.
Most Americans work for 50 weeks straight.

And then get just two weeks off.

Having a bit of a fun deficit?
There’s only one cure for that.

Spring into summer!