Spring At Last

It comes very late in New England.
But when it comes, it is glorious.

In England, spring comes early.

You start seeing flowers in February.
And March and April are definitely spring months.

(I had to cancel my spring trip to London, due to recent events.
But I hope to get over there again soon).

In New England, March is a great month.
For snow. And mud.

Only in April does Nature get going.

I went over to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge yesterday.
Devotees of this blog require no introduction to that glorious spot.

This is what it looked like.

I am lucky that I have been back in New England for a year and a half.
So I know what the seasons are likely to bring.

I love to look at the way things are now.

And imagine what they soon will be.

My meticulous records tell me the warblers will be back soon.

April 10 was when this guy appeared.

The yellow-rumped warbler.
He is usually the first to show.

Of course, my cousin Yvonne is very excited about the birdies.

I may have to get a paper bag for her to breathe into!

From now until the end of May the warblers will be coming up from Central and South America.
On the way to their breeding grounds in Canada.

And I will be at Mount Auburn to greet them.
As they stop for rest, water and food.

Seeing the warblers again. After a long, cold winter.
More than anything else, that is what spring means to me.