Southern Comfort

Back in Boston. It’s 29 degrees.
But I have some very warm memories of Florida.

Tried to hook up with my sister.
But Linda and Greg were living large, as usual.
In the Keys.

What a life!

But I had some fabulous dinners.
Swordfish Ladoregano at the Sea Grill in North Miami?

I even remembered how to tie a necktie.

Pink on pink? The ultimate Jimbo!

Nothing was going to stop my food enjoyment.
Especially my huevos rancheros breakfast!

Waitress: “Do you want to move inside? It will rain.”
Jimbo: “I am at the beach. In my bathing suit.
Water? We are made of it.”

In the Everglades, we rocked the Shark Valley Visitor Center.
Even though there were no sharks.

Plenty of fabulous birds, though.

And lots of gators.

My biking skills were a bit rusty.
But I did manage to evade the gator tails.
And complete the 15 miles.

I am very proud of Carmen. She moved from abject terror to guarded admiration.
In less than 24 hours.

It took very steady hands for this shot.

I think she is becoming a Nature Lover.
She even enjoyed the vultures!

Despite the carnage.

They were certainly circling.

Not yet, guys.

I’m back in the cold, but my thoughts are toasty.

Can’t wait for the next vaycay!