Social Animal

Reasoning beings were created for one another. The leading principle in man’s nature, then, is the social spirit.
– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Eliam, Jenilee, Jhorianny, Rhandy.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to noon.
At the Ellis School in Roxbury.

I am teaching these first-graders how to read.

And they are teaching me how to have even more fun.

I am finally becoming a productive member of society!

My docent training at the Athenaeum is a lot of work.
But very fascinating.

Here are some staff members, around 1912, in the Granary Burying Ground (courtesy of the Boston Athenaeum archive).

I will soon be able to give tours of this fabulous place.

If I pass the exam!

Is retirement supposed to be this crazy?

I also managed to see this guy at the Boston Garden.

Definitely not a Bruins crowd!

He sang with his little daughter.

And also with his son.

I heard some women behind me screaming: “Matteo! Matteo!”
Yup, there wasn’t a dry seat in the house!

I also saw a poignant documentary at the Coolidge Corner Theatre:
All The Lonely People.

Which showed how the problem of social isolation has grown much worse over the past two years.

Many of the elderly have managed to survive the pestilence.
But loneliness may end up killing them anyway.

Because we are all social animals.

I have volunteered to teach or play chess with any older person (even older than me!) in the city of Boston.

Anywhere, anytime. If that will help.

There’s no snow here yet. But I thought you might enjoy the festive spirit on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

Just a block away from my Marlborough Street Lair.

I fully expect to see the white stuff next week in Maine.
Here’s Greg already grooving on it!

Angel Girl seems to like it.

And my wildass sister?

She is prepared.

Christmas with Linda?
I just hope I survive!