Snow Angels

Went to one of my favorite places this morning.

Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

To devotees of this blog, it needs no introduction.
But if you are a newbie, Mount Auburn is much more than a cemetery.

It is a place for walking and reflection.

As well as a wildlife refuge.

There were no warblers there today.
But they will be back soon enough.

After the weekend blizzard, I wanted to go over to get some snow angel photos.

For my sister.

After all, Ma was named Angela.

And Linda named her dog Angelica Jean.

So snow angels it is.

Look who else I saw!
My main man, Nathaniel Bowditch, of Athenaeum fame!

And here is Willow Pond. All tucked in until spring.

But the angels were the main draw today.

Very beautiful.

Very peaceful.

And very calming.