Running With The Buffalo

Finally met my new doctor.
A young Pakistani guy.
He couldn’t have been 30.

Dr Iqbal: “You are the healthiest patient I have seen all day.”
The Jimbo (to The Jimbo): “Man alive, I gotta party way more!”

So I headed straight to Chinatown.
To snag some General Zod’s chicken.

It was very tasty.

And get one other thing.

Stampede me, Baby!


My father died before he got to 89.

As I waited in the car with him one morning for the doctor’s office to open so he could get his cancer treatment, he said to me:

“Your grandfather lived to be 93.
And his father lived to be 93.”

Then I realized what he was saying:
He didn’t want to let the family down!
As if he could ever do that.

I was thinking about him this morning.
And about the value of longevity.

It was a fabulous day for a walk.

So I figured I would go where I always go.
When I need real peace and quiet.

Besides, my sister wanted some photos of snow angels.
They don’t get many of those in Florida.

So I strolled over to Mount Auburn.

Great view of the city from the Smoot Bridge on the way over.

And from the BU Bridge on the way back.

There was plenty of snow.
But not as much as the last time I was there.

So I didn’t have to wade through too many drifts to get to the angels.

Nice pompadour!

Halos too.

There was hardly anyone around.
So it was the perfect time to reflect.

(As Mr Eliot would say)

On time past

Time passing

And the time to come.

A long life might be a good thing.

As long as it is totally Jimproper.

Involves hitting the cannoli.

And running with the buffalo.