Rock Lobster

Greg’s cousin Timmy lives in Stonington, Maine.

On Deer Isle.
And like generations before him, he is a lobsterman.

Here he is. Stylin’.

So thanks to him we were able to enjoy the classic Maine ritual:

Plus a whole bunch of rock crabs.

Let’s just call it Rock Lobster.

Cousins were doing their bonding thing.

And Linda was very excited.

So we set the table.

And prepared the massive feed.

This was Jimbo’s first go.

Linda prefers the lobster, but the crabs were very tasty.

Crustacean Carnage, Baby!

Hours later, I was able to crawl upstairs to watch the Sox (they won).
But there is no rest for the wicked.

Tonight’s menu:

Stuffed clam and lobster appetizer (we have five tails left).
Tenderloin on the grill.

And Maine blueberry pie.
With peach ice cream.

Lord have mercy!