Renate And The City



It really fugits.

She’s going to college.
To get the knowledge.

No, not Faber.

But Smith.

Renate, my cousin Yvonne’s daughter, was admitted to Smith last fall, but wisely deferred for a year.
Because you can’t do the cool stuff at college in 2D.
Pub crawls, streaking, food fights: you get the drift.

She finally came into Boston for a visit on Monday.
Before leaving for college next week.

Here are Renate and Yvonne a few years back in Green Park during a visit to Englandland.

Jimbo Alert: I will be visiting London on September 10.
May the Lord have mercy.

Of course, if I had been trapped in the Burbs for the past year, I would have chewed my own arm.

No, that’s not what happened here.

Ya dig?

We had a fine stroll in Beantown.

And sat on my fave bench in the Public Garden.

To discuss college strategy.

She seemed to groove on the Athenaeum.

Although Smith has a pretty good library.

We also did a little Freedom Trail action.

And paused for some refreshment.

I’d say she’s ready to rock it.

Best of luck, Renate!

It’s your time.
At last.