Reading Is Cool

“Wow, you got a lot of sun! Did you go somewhere?”
”Yeah. I went outside.”

Since I retired about three years ago, I have lost around 25 pounds. (That’s over 11 kg, for you Euro-types. Or almost two stone for you Brits.)

That’s because, since I came back to Boston in 2020, I have gone outdoors almost every day.

And walked.


As this blog has shown.

Everyone knows that Boston is cold in the winter.

And I love getting out in the snow.

But not everyone knows that Boston is wicked hot in the Summah.

It’s just starting to warm up.

For most of my friends, that means AC in the home.
Then a few short steps from the sofa to the car.
And back again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

But I have not had a car since the year 2000.

And, as you can see, there is no sofa.

My Back Bay apartment, though lovely, is not air conditioned.

So where do I go to cool off between walks?
So glad you asked!

One place is the Museum of Fine Arts.
Where I have been sketching statues for quite some time.

Here is my latest take on the Buddhist nature goddess.

But my main summer hangout is the Boston Athenaeum.
Lots of fun things to draw there too.

Currently working on Venus of the Bath.

But my main focus at the Athenaeum is reading.

I have a favorite chair on every floor.
This view from the Bornheimer Room on the first floor is mighty fine.

Overlooking the Granary Burying Ground.

(Samuel Adams and the crew had a fine Fourth!)

I have a book to go with each chair.
On each floor.

This is my spot on 4G (every floor has a gallery).

Great view!

And very relaxing.
Fabulous book, by the way.

I never check books out.

I just take them off the shelf.
Read another chapter or two.

Put in the bookmark.
And return them to the shelf.

Then it’s on to another groovy chair!
Here’s my fave on the second floor.

Doing a murder mystery.

There’s a wonderful terrace off of the second floor.
For people who could use a little Vitamin D.

(I’m good.)

But my favorite spot in summer is the Art Department.
In the basement.

They keep the temperature just below 70F (or around 20C).

Plus, you get a fab look at the patriots resting in the cemetery.

Anther great book, BTW.

My goal this summer?
To take a nap on this sofa.

Reading at the Athenaeum.

Keeps the brain going.

And it’s totally cool.