Reach The Beach

February is a summer month.

Sounds wacky, doesn’t it?
That’s probably because you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you lived in the Global South right now, you would be begging for some shade.

I learned this lesson while I worked at the Grauniad.

Where I usually took a vacation in February. Because it is a dull month in London. Without the snow that makes it beautiful here.

And by March and April, you can get out and about in the green and beautiful countryside.

In New England, those months are hardly vernal.

Which is why I am flying back across the pond.
To celebrate Wordsworth’s birthday.

One year ago today, I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
At the start of a month-long trip that also took me to the islands of Indonesia.

And let me tell you: It was hot. And steamy!

Thankfully, I managed to find a cool spot.

It was even hotter once I got to Bali.
The Campuhan Ridge Walk. In Ubud. At High Noon.

Sweet Jesus Palomino!
I can still feel that sun.

February is summer in other places too.

Like Argentina. The mists at Iguazu Falls are quite refreshing!

Goa in India. Where they dry the fish right on the road.

It doesn’t take long. And no germs would survive that.

Not much cooler in Delhi. For these poor workers.

Or in Melbourne.

Or Marrakesh.

Or The Gambia.

Or Kenya.

Or in Luxor in Egypt. Where I walked across the floor.
Of the Valley of the Kings.

I would have fried my brain for sure. 
Without my totally groovy hat!

What about this February, you ask?
Well, I need to thank one of my London faves.

Who is an intrepid walker.

She has managed to escape from the Septic Isle.
For three glorious weeks in Sunny Isles Beach.

On the beautiful Miami coast.

And has invited your humble narrator to come on down.
For some sun and some fun.

Now that’s what I call a real friend!

Of course, since I am not used to the heat, I will remember to drink plenty of fluids.

As PG Wodehouse advises, one must “restore the tissues” and “refill the radiator”.
Without getting “fried to the tonsils” or “tight as an owl”.

Plus, I done got me some tropical duds!

I’m glad I won’t have to miss the latest snowstorm. On my way to Logan tomorrow, I should be able to shuffle through the white stuff.

The thought of which will help keep me cool.

Once I reach the beach.