Oxford Bound

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:
My sister bought a house in Maine.

I don’t mean this place on Deer Isle.

That’s so last month!
 I mean this place in Oxford, Maine.

Which looks totally groovy!

Why will Linda move into a brand new house next week?
After moving into a brand new house last month?

I believe the expression is: Happy Wife, Happy Life.

My sister certainly doesn’t need a Wishing Well!

Of course, I was looking forward to visiting Deer Isle.
Because it seems like a fabulous place.

And I have been wearing this sweet T-shirt.

But not to worry!

We will be going to Deer Isle in late June.
After I check out the new Oxford pad.

We will hit scenic Stonington.

And will be chilling for a week at this holiday spot.
They call it a cottage, but Americans always do things big.

It’s on Fifield Point.

Which looks very nice.

Going to Deer Isle means I can eat as much lobster as I want.
Because Greg’s Cousin Tim is a lobsterman!

Of course, that means I will have to leave the Lair.
Which is a totally happening spot.

As my friend Don discovered last evening.
Over bourbon and cannoli.

And cannoli and espresso this morning.

But sacrifices must be made.
To bond with my sister.
And consume massive amounts of seafood.

So I’m Oxford bound, Baby!
It’s the very least I can do for Linda.

After all, what are brothers for?