On The Brink

Almost, but not quite.

New England’s much-famed autumnal colors are a bit late this year.
Which means more lovely flowers.

And much green remaining.

In two of my favorite local strolling spots.

The Arnold Arboretum in Boston.

Home to many exotic plants species.
Like this fabulous Beautyberry bush.

And Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

As Linda and Greg can tell you, the colors were very bright this week in Maine.

And they are coming this way!

You can already see some signs of change down here.
Like this sugar maple at Mount Auburn.

And this aptly named Autumn Purple Ash nearby.

Imagine what this will look like in a week or so!
Actually, you won’t have to imagine it.
Because I will show you.

This is one of my favorite trees:
A Green Mountain Sugar Maple on Hyacinth Path.

Soon, it will look like this.

This is why I walk to these places so many times:
Because they are constantly changing.

And constantly showing us.

How beautiful.

And how wonderful.

This world really is.

All you have to do is look.