Northern Exposures

Next week I will be taking this Baby up North.
To the wilds of Maine.

To see Linda and Greg.

The last time I saw them was in Florida.

For Christmas 2019.

As Mr Garcia has noted: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

I’m not saying that it will be totally out of control.
But my sister has been known to party.

And her wildness is often contagious.

My brother-in-law has reached levels of sybaritic enjoyment that I have not discovered.


I will check out their new pad in Oxford, Maine.

Plus, we will spend a week at this “cottage”.

On Deer Isle’s Fifield Point.

Looks rather calming.

Linda and Greg have been busy stress-testing the town of Stonington.

To see if it can withstand sustained Falzaranic assault.

That is very prudent of them.

Looks like the perfect place to chill the hell out.

And here’s the great thing about New England:
When the weather turns, and you get “socked in”.

It’s even more beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the Northern exposures.

I’ll be back in Boston after the Fourth.

To continue the great American tradition.

Of total freedom.