Northern Delights

My lovely friends Down Under are still waiting for their Summer Fun.

But up here, it is time for fall.
So here’s a little taste – for those who still yearn to get outside.

(This one’s for you, Charli!)

Linda and I managed to survive the eight-course Birthday Bash tasting menu dinner.

Complete with many, many wines!

I managed to walk off the resulting stupor in the woods near her Lair.

Very quiet.

And very beautiful.

Today Greg and I checked out a new spot for further adventures.

The Riverside Trail in Paris, Maine.

Along the Little Androscoggin.

I think he found a fab new fishing spot!

It was a pretty groovy hike.

I believe we are hitting a Chinese joint.
To restore our vital energies.

I’ll be in Boston on Monday.

To see how my Beantown friends are faring.

Until then, I will bask in the Northern Delights.

Very calming.