No Mean Feat

I have lived in Boston for exactly a year.

The Back Bay Lair has been totally fab.

But I have come to a decision:
I need an alternate Soft Play Area!

Right about here.

I’m looking at these three Playing Surface finalists.

Any thoughts?

They are tribal rugs from Afghanistan.

It’s the very least I can do.
Considering the immense frigging that the Evil Empire has given to that nation.

I went over to Mount Auburn again this week.
Where I have been so often in the past year.

To check on the foliage.

All the while I was in Maine, I didn’t see one of these.

But there he was, bold as can be.

It is still remarkably green over there.

Flowering Dogwood is among the first to change.

But in just a few weeks, the whole place will be on fire.

I will keep you updated.

I’ve been at the Athenaeum so often that they want to put me to work.
As a docent (guide).

No problem! I’ve been showing people around for quite a while.

I’ve also decided to serve as a Volunteer Reading Coach in some of Boston’s inner city schools.

For students in grades K-4. Should be lots of fun!

But there is another reason.
When my grandfathers came over from Italy, someone must have helped them with their reading.

So I am just trying to pay the family bill.

This will hardly make me a respectable member of society.
Hell, why would I want that?

But it will give me a greater sense of purpose.
As a citizen of this truly wonderful place.

I think my second year as an Improper Bostonian.
Will be even wilder than my first.

No mean feat.