New And Improved

It’s my home away from home.

The place I visit more than any other.

To read.

To reflect.

To draw.

That’s Carthaginian Girl.

I’m also working on Dante.

And Diana.

I often give tours.

Or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

It’s the Boston Athenaeum.

And it just re-opened today after a huge renovation.

Athena is very excited!

There is a brand new first-floor extension.

Oh my! What have we here?

With a fab new children’s library.

A great exhibition space.

Plus some wonderful views of the Granary Burying Ground.

There is also a new fourth-floor wing.

And a fresh spot for an old favorite:
Thomas Crawford’s Adam and Eve.

Must try to draw them as well!

You have never seen this fabulous building?

Then please let me show it to you.

And if I have already shown you around.

Then please come back in.

So you can see it all over again.

New and improved.