My Warbler Walk

The best thing about living in New England?
The weather is a vital part of the landscape.

For every place you love to visit, there are four seasons.
Which means, really, there are four versions of each place.
At the very least.

Mount Auburn Cemetery is a case in point.

In the fall it is a riot of reds and oranges.

The angels are different in winter.

And in spring.

And summer is yet to come.

But angels aren’t the only things with wings at Mount Auburn.
Over the next month or so, the annual warbler migration will take place.

The birds will fly all the way from South and Central America to their breeding grounds in northern New England and Canada.

How do I know they are coming?

Because I am a Bird Nerd!

Over the past few weeks I have been coming up with the ideal Warbler Walk.
To hit all the places where they are known to hang out.

Today I did my first rehearsal of that route.
Because I want to be ready for all the action!

Here’s the main gate. 

Normally, it opens at 8am.
But starting in a few weeks, it will open at 7am.

So we Warbler Wackos won’t have to climb over it!

Right inside is the Bird Board.
Where you can check what other birders have seen lately.

Then I hang a right and go down to 

Which is one of the major paved roads.
But I soon turn onto

Which is one of many that crisscross the cemetery.

These paths make one thing very clear:
This is a place for walking and contemplation.

And, in the spring, bird excitement!

The prevailing southwest breeze of spring brings the birds into the cemetery.
So these trees are some of the first that they see.
And, boy, do they need a rest!

I then soon bang a left onto

Which leads to

And this fabulous cherry tree.

Hey, I love it, and I don’t even have feathers!

Then back to a main road, and to the first of four watering holes in the cemetery: 
Willow Pond.

I’ve seen many of these guys before, but never in a tree.

Ponds are places that all animals love.

Then it’s up to the Tower


These pine trees will be big warbler favorites very soon.

Then it’s way down, via

To the Dell.

You can just feel the energy that this place will soon radiate!

Then it’s up to

And over to our third water feature:
The delightful Auburn Lake.

This is where I saw my first warbler of the season earlier this month:
The yellow-rumped warbler.

In another two weeks or so, this place will be Grand Central Station!

OK, OK! I mustn’t peak too early!
I mean, how much excitement can I take?

Hey, if you gotta go.

At least you can style it the hell up!

It’s just a short walk from here to Halcyon Pond.

Where it’s finally time to sit down and relax.

And take stock of a wonderful warbler walk.

Over the next month or so, I will spend a lot of time in this beautiful place.
They say that at the peak of the warbler migration, you can see as many as 50 species.

In a single day.

Thank God my vital signs are good!