Moosehead Lake

My life is totally groovy.
So I really shouldn’t complain.

My first-graders at the Ellis School are now moving on to second grade.

I gave this to Jenilee.
So she can work on her spelling.

I am teaching my chess kids at the Malden Public Library the names of the squares.

Although they are still doing crazy things when my back is turned!

And my seminar for seniors at the North End Library?
I am turning them on to World Championship Chess!

That’s Grandmaster Judit Polgar giving excellent commentary.

Giving tours at the Boston Athenaeum is still a thrill.

And I even survived my 50th high school reunion!

With the help of my classmate Sharon.

There is only one thing that bugs me:
My sister Linda is having even more fun than me!

This has got to stop!

It wasn’t enough that she lived it up all winter in Florida.

And then spent the spring at her place in Oxford, Maine.

Oh, no!
She had to go up north to Moosehead Lake.

in the shadow of Mount Kineo.

For two whole weeks of enjoyment.

And rub it in!

As a native Mainer, my brother-in-law Greg has always gone up there with his family to fish.

Good to see that he is carrying on the tradition.

Looks like they had a fabulous time.

And did some good eating!

With some spectacular views.

Even Angel Marie had fun.

My sister.

Still living large after all these years.

It’s just not fair!