Monday, Monday

I start out Monday morning with the sound of silence.
Like I do every morning.

What’s trending in my world? Peace and quiet.
After all, no news is good news.

But I don’t want you to think I’ve become one of these.

It’s almost time for my commute.
Down Marlborough Street around a block and a half.

To the Public Garden.

Plenty cold enough for hockey.

Smells like snow.

Duckies are dressed for it!

Then across to the Common.

Up to Beacon Street. 
Past the Snake House.

To this address.

Say hello to the Goddess.

Because you can’t have an Athenaeum without an Athena.

This gorgeous space on the first floor is a great setting for chamber music and lectures.

And has a poignant view of the Granary Burying Ground.

In Adam’s Fall, We Sinned All. 
New England Primer (1690)

The elegant Newspaper Room is right next door.

The second floor reading room is one of my faves.

This very comfy seat is right between the Evelyn Waugh stash and the novels of PG Wodehouse.

And right across from my main man, Nathaniel Bowditch!

But I spend most of my time on the magnificent fifth floor.

Which has the histories of Massachusetts and its towns.

This is my usual spot.

As you can see, I go Old Skool.

But there’s a special secret location that is my absolute favorite.

With an outstanding view of Franklin’s memorial.

I would tell you where it is.

But then I would have to – you know.

I go to the Athenaeum a couple times a week.
For just a few hours.

It helps to keep my mind right.
And the bullshit at bay.

Time to get back to the Lair.
For a snack.

And some groovy tunes from this dude.

I must also see how Martin Chuzzlewit is getting on.
As he tries to make sense of America.

Hey, I can relate.

That’s it for me, people!
Time for a snootful.

While I watch the snow fall.