Mike’s Garden

One of the great things about living in Boston?
I am just a short trip away from my friends in the burbs.

On Sunday, I usually go up north for a visit.
To Melrose, where I started this whole wacky adventure.

To see my buddies Mike Festa (this post).
And Bob Reich (next post).

I have known Mike since high school.

Here we are with fellow classmates Mike Krone (far left), Don DeAmicis (center), and our late teacher Freeman Frank.

As far as I know, none of these individuals has featured in a police lineup. Yet.

Mike was the president of our senior class.
And, as you can see, he is still a Master Debater.

The real fun in visiting Mike is checking out his great garden.

Which is really coming into its own.

And will produce many delights in the next few months.

Of course, his goats are always the star attraction.

That’s right, goats.

After some goat pampering, we usually repair to the Buddha Zone.

To discuss the important issues of the day.

He is a very strange individual.

But, hey, I can relate!

Now that he is tentatively venturing back into Boston for work, I will be having fun with him in town.

This week, I will take him here.

Because if you really want to live.

The city is where it’s at.