Mighty Aphrodite

I’ve been home for five months now.

And I’ll be honest with you:
It’s been even more fun than I anticipated.

After 20 years abroad, I didn’t know exactly what to expect.
But Boston is a fabulous place.

I managed to end up in a mighty fine Lair.

The fall was all I wanted. And then some.

And the winter? Snow far, snow good.

There’s even more on the way!

Which will make spring even more of a thrill.
With friends I have not seen for decades.

The city of Boston has been a delight to explore.

I have walked in many unexpected places.

And in some old favorites.

I’ve had a chance to spend time with old friends.

And with my great family.

The Athenaeum has been good for the soul.

As has the Museum of Fine Arts.

Just yesterday I hit it again.

This time with my good friend Katherine.

Whom I met in the mid-70s.
During my summer job in Boston.

She’s the one who introduced me to this great town.
I can never thank her enough.

We saw the Cezanne.

And the Monet.

I also did something I always do when I go to the MFA:
I paid my respects to Mighty Aphrodite.

Thanks to her, the best is surely yet to come.

I’m preparing myself mentally.
For how much fun it’s going to be.
When Boston gets back to its own vibrant self.

O My Lovelies!
(Wherever you are, you know who you are)
Happy Valentine’s Day!

It will soon be time to come out and play.