Mi Bella Sorella

Linda and I have been through a lot.

Like that freaky Easter chicken thing.

Malden High football? 
Always traumatic.

And those long trips to Florida for summer vacation!
My father loved to drive.

This was on top of a Howard Johnson’s motel along the way.
My sister doesn’t look too pleased.

It was much better when we could just go to the Weirs in New Hampshire.

On Lake Winnepesaukee.
(I did not make up that name).

Ironically, Linda now lives in Florida.
Because New England winters are just too much for her.

Me? I love the cold. I just couldn’t wait to get out in the blizzard!

But I am an unusual individual.
As you have probably gathered.

I love to visit Linda and Greg in Florida.

They live on a lake in a very isolated spot.

Right in the middle of the state.

Where I can hone my fishing skills!

And learn how two-fisted drinkers do their thing.

I am happy to report that Linda will soon be moving to Maine for the springs and the summers.
So she will finally be a true Snowbird.

I will see her in April.
Which will make my beloved New England even more beloved.

Until then, we are organising bourbon tastings.
In honor of my Wet and Wild January celebrations.

I’ve been hitting the Woodford pretty hard.

So we are branching out.

Linda and Greg have their collection ready for tonight’s tasting.

My Back Bay Bar is coming along quite nicely!

I am so glad I am back home.
To see my sister more often.

Ti voglio bene, bene assai!

(As my mother once told Luciano Pavarotti).

Mi bella sorella.