Love That Dirty Water

I’m gonna tell you a story,
I’m gonna tell you about my town.
I’m gonna tell you a big fat story, baby,
Aw, it’s all about my town.
Yeah, down by the river,
Down by the banks of the river Charles,
That’s where you’ll find me
Along with lovers, muggers, and thieves.
Well I love that dirty water,
Oh, Boston, you’re my home.

So sang the Standells in 1965.
And for those of us who lived in the suburbs, that’s the idea of Boston that we had in our heads. Maybe some people still do.
It’s only seven miles from Boston to Melrose, where I grew up. (I know, because I walked it on my birthday, just before I started this blog).
But for some suburbanites, it may as well be 700.

Today I will show you the Charles. As it is today.
And it is very different from what the Standells saw. And smelled.

Here’s today’s route, for those of you following at home:
Walk down (aptly named) Charles Street to the foot of the Longfellow Bridge.

Then up the Esplanade.

Past the Hatch Shell.

Kenmore Square and Boston University.

Cross over to the Cambridge side of the river (beyond Harvard).

Take a detour over to the Mount Auburn Cemetery.
(You will be hearing a lot about this beautiful place.)

This is the view of Boston from the BU bridge.

For many years I kept this image in my head. And in my heart.
Now I can enjoy it whenever I want.

Walk down the Cambridge side of the river.
Past MIT.

For some glorious views of Boston.

Then back over the Longfellow Bridge.

I have no idea how many miles that was. But I’m sure my feet will tell me later on.
I think it is time for a beverage.
Thanks for coming along!

Oh, Boston, you’re my home.