Live & Love

It’s not about the pink.

Although it is lovely.

I mean, what fucking guy is not gonna love pink?

It’s really all about the company.
The pedi pals.

And in that department, I have been amazingly blessed.

Starting with Erin from Montpelier.

Who designed this blog.

And introduced me to the pink pedi.
Along with the lovely Nessa.

And Rebecca, the flaming redhead in London.
Seen here with Erin. A great time!

I shared my last pedi with Rebecca.

And I will get my next with her in London.
In March.

The one I got yesterday was with my nearest and dearest.
My sister Linda and my cousin Ellen.

(Linda is on the end, then Ellen, then her sister Darlene.)

And now.

Oh, yes. I always have the girls pick my color.

Because they know I love the pink.

This color? It’s called Live & Love.

I can totally dig it.