Lair Sweet Lair

This one should be easy on the legs.

One of my faithful readers has pointed out that, although I have posted all about my traipsing hither and yon, I have not yet given you a glimpse of my new pad.

A very good point!
So here goes.












Although I really enjoyed my London Lair, it was tiny.
Only 288 square feet.
Some of you people must have garages bigger than that.

This Lair on Marlborough Street in the Back Bay is over twice as big.

It has some very lovely features.
Like a stress reduction zone.

And a working marble fireplace.
In case it gets too chilly for guests.

I told a certain Pack Rat cousin of mine (who shall Yvonne remain nameless) that there are only two things that I require in a residence:
One, that I be able to roll a bowling ball from one end to the other without hitting anything.

Hell, in this place I could pick up the 7-10 split!

The other requirement?
A Soft Play Area.

To pursue adventure.

Without fear of injury.

I spent 20 years in London.
But I shipped only five boxes of stuff back to Boston.
You read that right:


One of the things I couldn’t leave behind

(in addition to my Stars and Stripes onesie – a gift from my German hiking pal Peggy)

was this stunning piece of batik fabric.

I got it on my first trip to Africa in 2007.
Bought it from a talented artist in Cape Town.
And I have loved it ever since.

One of the main reasons I went for this place is the built-in desk and bookcase area.
I spend a lot of time here, as you can imagine.


And now that I finally have my groovy bar stools, I don’t have to eat standing up!

The granite butcher block table is a great spot.

Of course, no tour would be complete without a glimpse of the super-fab gift I got from my generous Grauniad colleagues:
A print of Mark Rothko’s 1959 Black on Maroon, which I have seen many times in the Tate in London.

And which I will see again in April.

I have given it pride of place.

Wave to the neighbors!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new Lair.

Please visit me in Boston.
As soon as you can rejoin the living.

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a good night.