Jimbo Goes Tribal

It doesn’t feel like fall.

Temps are in the mid-70s today.
The flowers certainly think it’s still summer.

But next week will be much more autumnal.
And I am now fully prepared.

Because I finally have my Afghan.

As The Dude would say: “This rug really holds the room together.”

I went over to Yayla.

In the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

And donated my Federal Stimulus.
In a spirit of solidarity with the Afghan people.

(Well, at least the ones we haven’t already droned).

The rug was woven by the tribes of Faryab province.



Which is on the border of Turkmenistan.

It’s a gorgeous Kazak design.

And has turned my living space into a Romper Room!

Marlborough Street tends to be a bit sedate.
With this Afghan, I can get tribal on its ass!

Can’t wait to fire up the fireplace.
On those cold winter nights.

Now that I have my rug, the Lair is fully operational.

And open for the discerning guest.

Why not come on over.
And help me drink my bourbon?