In My Tribe

When I saw Bobby Orr in December, he was all alone.

On Monday his friends were back.

Dave Mace and I did our customary pregame.

At the Salty Dog in Faneuil Hall.
The seafood was tasty, as usual.

And we sucked down a few of these.

Then we headed over to the Garden.

It was very exciting!

10,000 Maniacs?
More like 20,000.

And I was with Dave Mace.
Who is a Maine-iac!

The Garden was rocking!

The action was thrilling.
And some of the fans were saying bad things about the refs!

It sure beats checking the score in the middle of the night.

In a foreign land.

When it was over, most of us made it home.

I could just walk back to the Lair.
But this guy had a few problems.

Reminds me of those lines from Milton:

Of true experience from this great event
With peace and consolation hath dismist,
And calm of mind all passion spent.

The Bruins lost.
But I was the real winner.

Because after 20 long years.
I was back with my people.