In Any Weather

It was a lovely day in Boston.
Which, actually, describes every day in Boston.

I have been back home for 10 months now.
And have seen everything that Beantown could throw at me.

Lovely. Every single bit of it.

Whining about the weather?
Rather pointless in a place where it changes so often.
And often so violently.

Today I strolled back to Mount Auburn Cemetery.
Which I had not seen since the May Warbler Frenzy.

I still haven’t gotten over that joy.


It is now High Summer.


The warblers are long gone.
But the flowers try to replace their beauty.

The bees were all over these.

And these.

The hydrangeas were spectacular.

The rains have made them very fine.

The angels are looking lovely in their summer finery.

As their winter wardrobe served them so well.


Summer is a wonderful season at Mount Auburn.

But so are they all.

Tomorrow I will be back with Bob on the Essex Coast.

But we will be breaking training to celebrate his cousin’s birthday.
Joey lives in Magnolia, and has one of the finest views on Gloucester Bay.

Of course, it is magnificent all year round.

As is all of New England.
In any weather.

If you take the time to notice.

Every single day.