Hot And Cold

It’s really only water.
But temperature does make a difference.

It’s been quite cold in Boston.

The Lagoon in the Boston Public Garden now hosts hockey games.

Or, as the Brits call it, ice hockey.
(Over there, field hockey is not just for girls).

Watching people enjoy the cold has been really fabulous.

In Florida, on the other hand, it has been quite warm.

And in London, somewhere in between.

Here’s Victoria Park.

And East London. Near my gal pal Carmen’s place.

And the Brits have the nerve to whine about winter weather.
Here it is, you tea-sippers!

This is where Linda and Greg have their new place in Punta Gorda.

The woodpeckers seem to like it.

They keep the pool at 88F.

Which seems a little warm to me.
I guess those Floridians are a delicate people.

My Dad used to keep his in the 60s.

Which always seemed a bit bracing to my brother-in-law.

In winter they turn the Frog Pond on Boston Common into a skating rink.

I went over there yesterday for a skate.
And managed to stay off my ass.

It was very cold. And very beautiful.

Watching the city and the sky revolve around me,
I felt like I belonged.

This Improper Bostonian will take the cold.
Any day.