Harvest Time

Well, the summer flew right by.

And now it is time for the fruits of fall.

(Angelica Jean is helping.)

This is just a small part of my sister’s bumper crop up in Oxford, Maine.

It has been a very productive year!

Linda and Greg are already preparing for the long winter.

They will have plenty of healthy treats to eat.

And Angel Girl will be there to supervise!

Whatever they don’t grow, they can get from the local farmers.

And the apples will be very tasty.

Two words: Cider donuts.

Oh, yes, these are also part of Linda’s produce.

She has been feeding them regularly for quite some time.

And they are smart enough to stay on their seven-acre paradise.
Safe from the hunters!

Greg is building a gazebo as another place to chill and hoist a few.

(Angel Girl supervising again).

It should be ready by the time I get up there this fall.

It will be the perfect place to help Linda watch her babies.

Looks like they are pretty healthy!

And ready for the winter.

Which is coming soon.

After this summer’s brutal heat?
Bring it.