Happy Place

My life is totally insane.

Mondays? Chess seminar for seniors (even older than me!) at the North End branch of the Boston Public Library.

Tuesdays and Thursdays? Teaching first-graders how to read as a volunteer literacy coach at the Ellis School in Roxbury.

I told Eliam that if you leave out just one little letter.

You turn this

Into this.

Wednesdays? Trying to tame 25 wild chess kids at the Malden Public Library.

I need a chair and a whip!

Fridays? I try to recover.
In Chinatown.

This morning I have to give a tour at the Athenaeum.

But then I will go to my happy place.

Where I have been all month.

To see these beauties.


May is the time for the spring warbler migration.

And this weekend should be the climax.

At Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

It is important to enjoy all the other birds too.
One must not become a speciesist!

(Photo courtesy of my fab friend Lucinda Draine).

I still have not seen this guy.

Maybe today is the day!
Which bush will he be in?

You never know when the moment will come.

You just have to be ready.

Be still, my heart!