Happy Fourth!

I went out early.
To walk in my city.

And see some of my favorite sights.

Before it got too hot.
Or too crowded.

The Back Bay.

Beacon Hill.

George in the Public Garden.
Looking very proud today.
As well he should.

The Swan Boats in the Lagoon.

The peace and quiet of the Central Burying Ground.

Which is right on Boston Common.
Although most people never notice.

Samuel Adams has pride of place.
In the Granary Burying Ground.

There would be no Independence Day without him.
Or United States of America, for that matter.

This is my first Fourth of July as a Bostonian.

I came to see the Bicentennial Celebration of 1976.
With my good friend John Didio.

But have not been back to celebrate since.

And during my 20 years in London.

The natives did not really seem to be into Independence Day.
(Happy Fourth, you lovely Brits. No hard feelings!)

Tonight I am finally back in Boston for the festivities.
And have a perfect place to view the fireworks.

Which were spectacular.

Happy Fourth!