Going Home

So the warblers came up from Costa Rica.

To Mount Auburn Cemetery.

And then went up to Canada.

As they do every spring.

To make more warblers.

I finished teaching my class on the odes of Keats and Shelley.

And then went off to Rome to pay my respects.

They are buried in the Protestant Cemetery there.

Saw my cousins Antonio and Domenico.

Who came up to Rome from Falciano del Massico.

The little town where my grandfather, Giuseppe Pisaturo, was born.

We drank a lot of wine!

I visited the Emperor Hadrian.

At his villa near Tivoli.

I also walked the Forum.

And the Appian Way.

As I always do when I go to my Italian home.

Keeping in step with the ancestors.

On Saturday my high school class will have a 70th birthday party.

But my birthday will not be until late September.

When I will be going home.
Where the whole human story started.

Here is my summer reading.

On my birthday I will be going out with Wilson.
Who I met 10 years ago.
(Here we are in our tribal red).

On my first trip home.

He is a Maasai warrior.
And one of the finest bird guides in the world.

He will show me the rollers.

And the sunbirds.

And the bee-eaters.

It will be good.
To be back home.