Giving Thanks

How about a little stroll?
The Freedom Trail?


It will give me a chance to think.
And to thank.

We will be starting from the Lair.
On Marlborough Street.

Hey, I’m feeling grateful already!
But let’s get going.

During my 20-year exile in London, there were two days I missed being here the most.
The Fourth of July.

(Thank you, Peggy!)

And that other uniquely American holiday: Thanksgiving.

So I am way behind on my expressions of gratitude.

I am grateful to the Athenaeum.
For reacquainting me with another James.

The ultimate Boston writer.
Who fell in love with Europe.
And returned home after 20 years there.

(Only to go back for good).

Now that my mind is starting to recover from the “news” business, I am actually learning to read like I used to.

The Ambassadors is very hard to appreciate.
With the attention span of a turnip.

And, as for Lambert Strether’s fine sentiment about life?
I am totally hip to that.



I am extremely thankful for the totally fabulous Erin.
Who has helped me so much with this blog!

(Note to self: Plan a Road Trip to Montpelier!)

And my Cousin Mary. With her amazing tomato sauce.

My dear friend Bobby. Who has done more than anyone to help me become a (Jimproper) Bostonian.

And Uncle Tony. Who is still going strong at 93!

Tea and madeleines are just fine and dandy.
But after a stroll I like to go with a sfogliatelle and macchiato.

At the Modern.

I have so much to be thankful for.

I wish you joy of the bird.
Don’t forget the cranberry sauce!