Get To The Point

Greetings from Vacationland!
Otherwise known as the Great State of Maine.

After I left Boston, I spent a few days at Linda’s latest Lair.
In Oxford, Maine.

Assimilating into the American way of life?

It’s never easy.

But I am making a special effort.

We arrived at Deer Isle yesterday.
And scored this fabulous spot.

On Fifield Point.

Linda and Greg seem to be enjoying.

We strapped on the nosebag last night.

And I went for a stroll this morning.

It was a bit overcast early on.

But it has brightened up rather nicely.

Just walked over to the local churchyard.

To meet some of the old Fifields.

And pay my respects.

This is the real heart of New England.

We’ll be here for a week.
And then back to Linda’s place in Oxford.

For the Fourth of July.

To celebrate the freedoms.
That we enjoy so well.