Get Lost!

You all know where this is.

But what about this?

Or this?

They are all the same thing: The Sweete Themmes.

(So called by one of the very greatest poets in English.
Whom you have surely never heard of.)

Here’s another one: Very easy for readers of this blog.

Where is this?

So how about this?

Or this?

They are all the Charles River.

But to find the wild version requires a fair bit of wandering about.
So I went to Broadmoor, the Massachusetts Audubon Society sanctuary just outside of Boston.

Since I approach these places on foot, I have a good sense of geographical orientation when I get to them.

If I drove a car with satnav every day, I couldn’t tell my ass from a hole in the ground.

Likewise, I couldn’t find true west. Even on a bright, sunny day.

This is the only navigation aid I bring on my walks.

It was a gift from the lovely Erin, who designed this blog.
(And is still giving me direction!)

I do bring my phone along for emergencies. But keep it turned off.

It wouldn’t be much help for directions.
As you can see.

Whenever I go on a wonderful nature walk, I see people ignoring the scenery.
And staring at their hands.

The modern condition, in a nutshell.

It’s like turning your eyes away from the face of a beautiful woman.
While you are talking to her.

Now why on Earth would you want to do that?
(If you do, I would strongly advise you to stop.)

Forget your phone.
Because getting lost is not something to be afraid of.

It is really the whole point.

Because once you are lost, you can forget about where you are going.
And enjoy where you are.

When I go to a new hiking spot, I don’t even ask for a map.
It would be too distracting.

I just walk. For hours. Without stopping.

Where am I?
I don’t know. And I don’t care.

Eventually, I think about getting back.
Wandering around will give you the lay of the land.

Water is an excellent signpost.

And you will begin to recognize landmarks as you pass them a second or third time.

Fields can be very helpful.

Eventually I found the Charles River Trail.
And the unlikely looking river.

You find the most fascinating things.
Only when you don’t look for them.

My advice for you lovely readers?
Get lost!

You will be very glad you did.